National Alpine Ski School of Russia
INTERSKI Congress 2007 in Korea

The cjngresses are organized every four years. The last congresses were held in Japan (1995) and Norway (1999). The next one were held in Switzerland(January 2003).

These congresses are visited by some 1000 till 1500 international visitors from up to 34 skiing nations around the world. They include the national demonstration teams of INTERSKI member nations, consisting of the best skiers of the world.

Apart from 34 national organizations from skiing nations around the world, ISIA(international umbrella organization of professional instructors working in commercial ski schools), IVSI(umbrella organization of instructors working in clubs and associations) and IVSS(umbrella organization of instructors and teachers working in schools and universities) are members of Interski International.


Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear snowsport-friends!

The Presidium of Interski-International thanks you cordially for the participation in the international congress 2007 in YongPyong/Korea. We hope that the efforts of the organizer Korea and of Interski-International your expectations to the congress fulfilled. The three professional associations ISIA, IVSI and IVSS, as well as 31 participating nations also over 1500 participants are guarantor also for future congresses.

The new elected presidium thanks you for your confidence advance and will strive, the information, to improve communication and support further.

Our secretaries are available at any time, let you us your desires and problems solve. Our special attention will lie in the next weeks with the addition of our homepage, will help you us asks with the organization - our questions follow separately.

We are pleased also to communicate to be able that Interski-Austria with St. Anton a.Arlberg/Austria the by guidance Interski - congress one transferred 2011 at the general assembly 2007.

Best regards. Presidium Interski – International
Erich Melmer, President
Kjell Ruder, 1. Vice-President
Neil Tanner, 2. Vice-President
Riet Campell, President ISIA
Norbert Barthle, President IVSI
Klas Astrand, President IVSS
Fritz Mares, Secretary General
Hannes Fritz, Secretary


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